Secrets You Didn’t Know About Selling Structured Settlements For Cash

A structured settlement is an effective method of compensating personal injury cases. It is a legal resolution between the defendant and the victim of the injury. It has been encouraged by the United States Congress ever since 1982. In this form of resolution, the injured person receives a stream of payments after specific periods of time. These payments are designed to satisfy the needs of the plaintiff who has filed a personal injury lawsuit. They also add up to the amount awarded as compensation by the court. Often taking the form of an annuity, a structured settlement is an source of income to guarantee financial security after a tragedy occurs. The money involved in structured settlements is issued by highly respected life insurance companies.

Can you sell your structured settlement?

Today, you can sell your structured settlement. If you want cash now instead of monthly payments as dictated in your structured settlement, you can sell it to a company that is willing to buy.

The process of selling your structured settlement is not complex. You can simply begin by deciding to sell. When you are sure that you need the money which is tied up in your structured settlement, you can sell it. You should only make this decision if you are sure that there is no alternative source of liquid cash and you are sure that selling your structured payment will not hurt your finances in future. After you decide to sell your structured settlements, you should go ahead and get in touch with one of the representatives of a company that is willing to buy them. This representative will guide you through all the steps required for this sale. After that, the company that is buying your structured settlements will give you a quote of how much they are willing to give you in cash. They can even provide you with a cash advance after determining the value of your structured settlements. After you complete some paperwork, you need to go to a judge and explain why you need to sell your structured payments. The judge will then approve the sale. This effectively and legally transfers your structured settlements to the company you have sold them to.

People normally decide to sell their structured payments for various reasons. One may sell their structured payments so as to buy a home, begin a business, pay for college education or pay off some debt. Some people also sell their structured payments to fund a divorce or invest in some stocks.

What are structured settlement companies and how do you choose the right one?

A structured settlement company is one which buys all or simply a fraction of your payments. This sort of company is sometimes known as a factoring company, h.

There are a number of factors that you should consider when you are selecting one out of many structured settlement companies. Firstly, pick one that has a good reputation, review sites like this provide ratings of different settlement buyers. They should also have excellent customer service. Their representative should listen to you attentively and be ready to present themselves in front of a judge in a court of law. They should also be always ready to answer any questions you have. When you ask for a quote, they should be ready to give you one. If you need some time to think over your proposal, they should be willing to wait. Pick a structured settlement company which has your interests at heart and you will not regret the agreement to sell. Some of the top structured settlement companies today include DRB Capital and Fairfieldfunding.

JG Wentworth provides financing solutions directly to the consumer. The company accomplishes this through buying structured settlements, prepaid cards and refinancing. It is a public company and its trading symbol is JGWE.

Olive Branch Funding is a company which provides cash solutions to families and individuals who need access to their future payments now. One of the ways that they do this is by buying structured settlements. They make a lump sum payment for structured payments and other financial instruments such as lottery awards and annuities.

SenecaOne is a company which provides you with instant cash for your structured settlements. They do not have any consultation fees. Moreover, by building a strong understanding of your individual financial situation, SenecaOne gives individuals and families the best cash offers for their structured settlements.


You can sell your settlement payments today. This will give you access to a lump sum of cash. You can do this so as to solve a problem which you have encountered. You may also want to invest the money elsewhere. Everything about the process of their sale is indicated above. Structured settlements can be your financial lifeline in times of trouble.